Thursday, December 25, 2008

Security holes with orphaned accounts

A survey of 850 security/IT managers found that orphaned user accounts are more prevalent that expected: 42 percent do not know how many exist within their organization.

IT Exposes Ubiquity of Orphaned Accounts as a Critical IT Security Vulnerability
Other key findings from the survey include:

* Approximately 27 percent of respondents said that more than 20 orphaned accounts currently exist within their organization.
* More than 30 percent of respondents said it takes longer than three days to terminate an account after an employee or contractor leaves the company, while 12 percent said it takes longer than one month.
* More than 38 percent of respondents said that they had no way of determining whether a current or former employee used an orphaned account to access information, while 15 percent said that this has occurred at least once.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Screentoaster is a free application (currently in beta) for recording your screen. This is a great and easy tool when you need to show a process. For example, if you need to make a minor change to the computers, rather than typing out the direction step-by-step for your students and teachers, SHOW them. I've added my first attempt with ScreenToaster, which was just looking at the website. It was only after I completed the recording did I discover there was no audio with it. This is a feature that ScreenToaster is working on adding.

My video

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Now what do you want me to unblock?

As a network administrator, you may find yourself putting out fires. Then a teacher approaches you and wants you to unblock something else. Does it have educational value? Why does the teacher want this? Watch this 5 minute video on the networked student and perhaps you might understand that teacher a little better, even if he/she couldn't verbalize their own reasons.

The Networked Student or find it at Kathy Schrock's Blog

Monday, December 1, 2008

The Network Administrator

The Network Administrator is a website dedicated to computer professionals. Behold their tagline: "Blessed are the geeks, for they shall internet the earth." Bloggers contribute posts on a variety of topics for example, "Windows Vistas Upgrade: What to Watch out For," "Linux Adaptation Problem," and finally "Top 10 Holiday Geek Gifts." Number one on the list? A Wi-Fi Detector T-shirt: "The glowing bars on the front of the shirt dynamically change as the surrounding wi-fi signal strength fluctuates. Finally you can get the attention you deserve as others bow to you as their reverential wi-fi god, while geeky chicks swoon at your presence."