Saturday, March 15, 2008

Tweet, tweet

Okay, so I mentioned to a group (who will go unnamed to protect the innocent) during a presentation that I was finally getting into Twitter. This launched a genuinely fun conversation about twittering (too much caffeine?) and posting tweets (use your imagination). Since I'm attempting to build my Twitter network and expand my Twitterverse, I'm taking advantage of the blog to invite all of you to follow me--so I can follow you and we can be Twitterfriends. Or at the very least, help each other stay current and maybe even get to know one another a little better. You can find me at Hopefully you'll find me doing something productive, but no guarantees. A person can only drink so many cans of diet Coke in a day.


Yancy said...

I think twitter is a door way to other things like blog and wikis. I seems to me that people will scan a tweet or twitter post before they will go and read an extensive blog. I do a few blog on one Native American topics and have quit a few kids following the site. But, I only get comment on picture, video and small comments on a social network.

I am looking forward to the TIE workshop and hope to learn alot that I can bring back to the district.

maggie said...

Love the photo, Tweetie!