Monday, April 23, 2007

Using Video from the Web in the Classroom

Note: This post can also be found on the TIE Teach blog. It seems applicable to both teachers and technology coordinators.

A breakout presentation by R.L. ErionHis presentation can be found at

Erion's presentation offered educators strategies for utilizing video in a way that works with district technologies policy. The "how-to" details are contained in the presentations files. Once you visit his website you can also find links to resources for educators. Many districts do not allow use of sites like YouTube for various reasons. It is possible to download videos that may be useful for educational purposes and still show them in your classroom without exposing your students to the entire world of online videos.

A new site that operates in the same manner as YouTube, but is dedicated to more educational fare is TeacherTube -- check it out.

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huntd said...

Wow! A must see site!