Monday, April 23, 2007

Web of Connections: Will Richardson

After an exciting start to the Monday TIE conference with the keynote address, Will stated "we need to rethink our ideas of literacy to prepare our students to become not only readers and writers, but editors and collaborators as well." Just curious how many schools allow blogging?

I especially liked the statistics he was giving us with the did you know video.

I spent some time trying to download the you tube Will talked about. I had seen one video there and it happened to be that one. I found a great program called video piggy to allow me to download this video.

Here is the link to see it:


Kt said...

Hey- Thanks for the site. I will check it out later.
No blogging at school but since we have 3 staff memebers who live out of town... I am thinking they could colaberate through blogging.

ls060 said...

We do not allow blogging at our school either, but I think it would be great to introduce this technology in our schools. The kids are already using it at home, why not teach them the correct way to use it.

Jackline said...

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